Hacker PlayDate

Business Edition

About The Hacker PlayDate v4.0

Who should attend:

  • Business owners, leaders and managers.  Do you own a business or are you responsible for managing a business and confidential data (HIPAA, PCI-DSS, etc.)?  Do you know how attackers target your business and, once targeted, how they attack?  Find out Saturday and talk candidly with experts in the field.

  • Network / Systems / Security Administrators.  Are you responsible for the computers, network or OpSec / InfoSec for your organization?  What better way to find out what you're defending against than to see it first hand?

  • Everyone.  It's hard to turn on the news and not hear about another 'cyber attack', virus, data breach, etc.  Come meet and talk to folks that spend their days (and nights and weekends) eating and sleeping high-tech.  


Please join us for scheduled demonstrations presented by volunteer technology professionals.

got root?

Nathan Underwood, C|EH

Co-Founder - Piratica, LLC
Co-Founder - Cyber Tech Cafe, LLC

The Spartans were IT Professionals - A look at how many of today's IT Professionals are using the same tactics and strategy the Spartans used during the battle of Thermopylae in 480BC, and suffering the same fate (and candid talk about what we can and should do differently).


Daniel Glass

Computer Security Enthusiast / White Hat Hacker

The Man in The Middle - The dangers of data interception. Daniel Glass is a computer security enthusiast and white hat hacker aiming to educate people the technical aspects of offensive security.


The Hacker PlayDate v4.0 would not be possible without all of our beloved, gracious, and generous sponsors.

* If you would like to help spread the word of good cyber security and sponsor the Hacker Playdate, please email us at info@HackerPlaydate.org *


Don't just learn about technology, experience it!

  • Hands On Hacking

    Try your hand at breaking in to systems on a closed network. Learn just how simple the tools to penetrate a server are to operate. Also known as Capture the Flag.

  • Lock-Picking

    The lock pick. Every hacker’s favorite sport. The perfect system to crack, mostly because unlike virtual systems, when you break it, you can feel it. You can see it. You can hear it.

  • Encryption

    Learn about the importance of encryption and keeping your private data safe and secure. Bring your own USB device and see how easy it is to set up an encrypted storage device!

  • Open Source Gaming

    A fan favorite, once again we will have some fun and games by emulating classic video game systems using open source software and hardware on the infamous Raspberry Pi

Event Details

  • When - Saturday, 23 April 2016 from 11am - 4pm
    • More Information to come

  • Where - Nathan Dean Community Meeting Room @ Bartow County Library,

    429 West Main St
    Cartersville, GA 30120

  • How Much - FREE

  • What - Several "villages" will be set up in addition to the scheduled presentations
    • Lock picking - Challenge your physical skills and master the art of picking a lock
    • CTF (Capture The Flag) - Try your hand at breaching a server on a closed network.
    • Something with a Pi - Retro gaming, VPN, log monitoring, etc
    • More Information to come